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Kennys Renovation selects suppliers with advanced technical capabilities and decades of manufacturing experience to provide quality fabrics, components and finished blinds.

3D Shades (Ecolux)

Multi-layered 3D shade fabric is comprised of two layers of sheer woven together with one layer of fabric; this unique structure offers among others excellent sound absorption, energy efficiency, and UV protection properties. Easy operation of a single looped control cord enables up/down movement, light control, exterior view, and privacy protection. The 3D Shades are available in over 30 designs and over 50 colors which offer a versatile solution to any interior décor requirements.

Layered Shades (Zebra)

Zebra Shades is a dual layer roller blind, which consists of alternating horizontal layers of transparent sheer and opaque fabric vanes. Each layer moves independently to glide between each other, creating an open/closed effect and allowing light and privacy control and exterior view. Available in SONATINE, VIEWTY and LUNATINE concepts in over 1,000 colors and designs.

Roller Blinds

The classic roller blind is available in Blackout, Sunscreen, Modern Roll, Natural Look, and Sheer Jacquard styles. Each fabric style offers various functions such as room darkening, light filtering, and fire retardancy. Ever so popular with its wide range of systems and colors.

Honeycomb Blinds

With its unique hexagonal cell structure, Honeycomb Blinds offer superior insulation and sound absorption by trapping air, in addition to its simple and aesthetically pleasing design.

Curtains | Designer shades

We provide premium curtains that compliment our shades and blinds. You are only limited by your imagination. Many of Wintec fabric collection can be digitally printed Family photos, kids design, brands or even your company logo.

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